Welcome to MyShoppee.in An Unique Platform for Women Entrepreneurs & SHGs to showcase and market their products and services.

Registration as Vendors on MyShoppee.in started

If you are a Women Entrepreneur or a member of Self Help Group and engaged in manufacture & marketing of products or services, you can register for free on this website as our Vendor and upload information of your products / services for display and sale on our website. Click here to register as Vendor

On Registration of account, you will get a verification link on your email to verify your email id. On clicking the link the Vendor Registration application is sent for processing. It takes around 24-48 hours to process and approve / reject vendor registration.

How MyShoppee.in works

  • A Vendor registers for an account in MyShoppee.in
  • On approval of Vendor Account the vendor can upload details of products / services, its prices, photos, mode of payment, terms and conditions etc
  • Separate advertisement for separate products. Suppose you manufacture various food items like jams, jellies etc. you will have to put up separate advertisement for each product.
  • A visitor visits this site and searches for the products / services he requires, he buys the products, the order is sent to the vendor over email.
  • The vendor contacts the buyer and completes the order.
  • The entire service is free of cost.